ELRIG Cell & Gene Therapy 2020


ELRIG will take place from November 10 - 11 in Gothenburg, Sweden. ELRIG is a nonprofit organization, based in the UK, serving the life science & drug discovery communities. This two-day conference brings together biopharma industry experts and world leading scientists from academia to exchange ideas and information on Cell and Gene Therapies.

The event can support attendees to develop a better understanding of the Cell and Gene Therapies and provides networking opportunities with a range of most important experts. The scientific program focuses on three priorities:

  • Cell based therapies across disease areas
  • Advanced therapies in oncology
  • Therapies for genetic conditions

    The event program includes a vendor exhibition, poster display, speaker’s dinner and tour of the Amazing Journey at AstraZeneca as well as multiple networking opportunities to discuss current and future perspectives of Cell and Gene Therapies.


ELRIG - The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group
AstraZeneca R&D site, Gothenburg

Learn more about the following products at our booth

 Cell-Free DNA Isolation from Plasma Apostle MiniMax Reagent Kit

Genomics Reagents

Learn more about high efficiency cell-free DNA extraction from up to 5mL liquid input with the Apostle MiniMax kit. Experience our full reagent portfolio for nucleic acid isolation from cells, tissue, blood and even challenging formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. Learn more about our solutions from manual to fully-automated genomic workflow processing.

Biomek iSeries Automated Liquid Handlers 

Biomek i-Series Liquid Handler

Biomek Automated Workstations vary in size, deck capacity and overall capabilities. A variety of configurations allows you to optimize performance and reduce hands-on time for most genomic, drug discovery and basic research application workflows.

Biomek i7 Automated Workstation - The most powerful and comprehensive Biomek available

Biomek i5 Automated Workstation - Efficient automation for complex workflows


Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handler 

The Echo Liquid Handler uses sound energy to provide highly accurate, fully automated, non-contact dispensing of small amounts of liquids, in droplets of volumes as low as 2.5 nano liters. It does this incredibly fast, at 200-500 droplets per second, so you can build assays quickly. Using the Echo Liquid Handler, you can miniaturize RNA and DNA sequencing assays, reducing reagent costs and processing time while improving data quality and throughput. Find more information here

Reference: https://elrig.org/portfolio/2020-elrig-events/